Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today is Cleo's one month anniversary at her new forever home (mine)! She is such a good girl. I can’t believe how well she is fitting in to our routine and with the boys. The boys can be so naughty and I think (no, I KNOW) we need to do some serious training! I’m thinking clicker training/positive reinforcement is the way to go with these two, and with Cleo as well.

Yesterday, I changed my mind on which type of surgery I want to do for Cleo. I’ve decided to have the Traditional surgery instead of the TPLO. Of course, my vet doesn’t know this yet, although I did leave a message for him to call me Monday. I just think financially, this is the way to go right now. It’s half the cost, but probably twice as fragile as the TPLO, so I (and the boys) will have to very, very careful with her. I belong to a Yahoo Group (Orthodogs) and I’ve been reading about both.

I will order the X-pen soon. My folks have a kid gate that my mom said we can use (it bolts on the wall), so that will save me $32. I was going to go to Biolife and sell my plasma for the next couple months, but I can’t for at least 1-2 weeks, so that blew my budget that I had planned out. That was another reason. I know they said I could make payments, but I’ve decided I’d rather just pay it and be done with it. I was going to sell my wedding and engagement ring (why I’ve held on to them for 10 years, I’ll never know!!) but gold isn’t worth anything right now – at least not what I’ve got anyway. My clothes don’t seem to be selling, even though I’ve had a couple bites.

I sure hope I’m making the right decision for both of us.

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