Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick update

Cleo is doing well. I had to take her to the vet on Monday - she was squinting her right eye, and limping (left front). She was put on antibiotics, both oral and eye drops. Cleo is NOT crazy about the eye drops!

I have to say, she probably wasn't completely innocent in the incident. She took Mack one evening - for what I don't know - maybe putting his nose on her when she was trying to sleep. And while I think she might want to play - she will wag her tail and growl at the same time. She will then take Stewie! And, at least when I am home, he runs or cowers from her. So, who knows what really happened that day. I do know I need to do more training - for the dogs AND me. I keep saying that, I need to get up off my duff and do it.

Cleo is bearing more weight on her surgery leg. And she uses it the majority of the time. When she is running, she will pick it up and 'bunny hop' about every 3rd to 4th step. All in all, I think the surgery and the supplements have really helped. I couldn't be happier that it wasn't the ACL.

Here's the latest 'chicken leg' photo...