Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still waiting...

We're still waiting for Cleo's surgery date. Again, not sure when it will be. I just posted clothes that no longer fit on Craigslist. After I listed them all, I couldn't believe how many clothes I had! Hopefully, I will be able to sell some (ALOT would be nice) to put towards Cleo's surgery fund. I also put some test strips on eBay (one of my dogs that passed away this fall had diabetes). My first time selling on both! Just look at me go - first blogging, then selling on Craiglsist and eBay. I'm hoping that with selling some stuff, along with cutting back on groceries (eating beans & rice and Ramen noodles...) that I can have a good chunk to put down by the time her surgery rolls around. Keep your fingers crossed that everything gets sold!

Here's a picture of Cleo teasing Mack with the tennis ball. I had to make the two boys wait while I let her chase it a little.

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Nika said...

That is a great photo! Too bad it's not summer time you could have a garage sale that is always a great way to make some cash.

Best wishes - your canadian friends

Nika + Parker