Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cleo's First Week

This is my first attempt at blogging, and it figures it will be about my dogs...

I adopted (rescued, inherited?) Cleo on December 1, 2008. She is a 6 year old, Boxer. I think I'm her third or fourth family, but I will be her last! She seems to love her new 'brothers', Stewie - 18 month old Boxer and Mack - almost 2 year old? AmStaff mix, and her 'sister' Nikita - almost 15 year old Husky mix.

When Cleo came to me, her former owner said she would probably need surgery, as her ACL on her left leg was torn. I took her to my vet on Thursday, December 4th, and was told that it was most likely ruptured from the time it was first seen and now. He also suspects a torn(?) meniscus in the same leg. This means that the previous owners 'quote' of $1000 just doubled! Eek! The reason it doubled? Instead of just the traditional ACL surgery, which my vet would be able to do, Cleo has to have TPLO surgery, which has to be done by an orthopedic surgeon along with my vet.

Unfortunately, I don't have the $2000. The sooner I can have her surgery done, the sooner her rehab and pain free life can begin! If you could spare a couple dollars (any amount would help) both Cleo and I would appreciate it. If you can't, that's ok, but be sure to stick around and follow Cleo's journey.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

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