Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick update

I got to visit with Dr. Smith for a short time yesterday evening while I was picking up meds for my old girl, Nikita. He hasn't had a chance to talk with Dr. Sherr (the Ortho vet) yet. Probably due to Christmas, then New Year's. Darn holidays! HA Anyway, he said he would be getting back to me. I told him I anticipated the middle of January (for the surgery, not talking to him about it - hopefully)!! Actually, it would be rather nice to have it on the 19th of January, because I have a board meeting that night. Cleo could spend the night at the vets, then I could potentially have the rest of that week and the following week off, or work from home for those two weeks.

I still need to get the craft room cleaned out. I think that is going to be my best option when I am not here. I think an ex-pen would be nice when I am home because the boys just don't pay attention. They step all over her, and when I try to stop them, then they SIT on her! UGH. What was I thinking getting two boys so close in age?!?

Cleo fund update: I have received $45 more dollars! Thanks to those that donated!! I appreciate it very much. Cleo might like it NOW, but come the middle of January - she will not be happy with you. HA

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