Monday, December 8, 2008

Start of Week 2

I have started to research about the TPLO surgery and what I need to do to prepare. I do know Cleo will need at least 6 if not 8 weeks of strict confinement, then about 4-6 months of moderate confinement. UGH! This will not be fun for Cleo OR me! Her first day at home, I had to take Nikita to the vet for her annual visit. I left Stewie out of his kennel, and put Cleo in his, since I had no idea what she might do to the house, in case she decided to dig or get out of the yard, etc. I was gone for not quite two hours, and both Stewie and Cleo were in the back yard. She busted through the gate of the kennel, parts were everywhere! Thank goodness was able to fix it so Stewie could be locked in again. Of course, Cleo got her way and is loose in the house!

Since she does NOT like a kennel, and she MUST be confined after surgery, I’m thinking either an x-pen (inexpensive, since I won’t need it long) or an attached kid gate on my spare room. Either way, I’ll need to clean! I would like to get the x-pen now, so I can see if it will work for her before the surgery. I also would like to get a No-Bite collar, or Neck’s Best Thing. I hate those Elizabethan collars, and I’m sure she wouldn’t either. I guess I’m lucky that I already have rugs throughout the kitchen since I got them when Cheyenne had her surgery. I will need a couple more, since Mack has destroyed a couple! I also am looking at getting a couple more kongs and something called an Everlast ball. Just something to keep her mind off not being able to go be free without me here.

If anyone knows where to find a used x-pen, or one I could borrow, that would be really nice. I think it should be at least 36” tall, if not taller, so she doesn’t try to jump out.

Update on 'Cleo’s Fund' – she currently has $10 from one of my co-workers! Another co-worker suggested a bake sale, but not sure when at this point in time. I’ve opened a separate savings account at First Liberty CU just for her.

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