Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vet appt tomorrow

Cleo has a 'second opinion' appointment with Dr. Scherr tomorrow. She will either spend the afternoon with my dad (at my folk's house) or my mom at work. The reason - the weather here is terrible and driving tomorrow won't be much fun! I think we just hit the high today which was -17*. That doesn't include the wind chill. I come home for lunch every day to check on her and the boys.

Questions I'm going to ask the vet about:
1. Payments.
2. Different options - traditional, TPLO, or possible amputation.
3. Supplements.
4. Accupuncture.

I'll probably think of more questions before then, and I'll let you all know what I learn!'s COLD outside!!

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Nika said...

Hi, my boy Parker had TPLO surgery 11/27/08 - just to let you know that some clinics deal with a finance company to help with the payments. In our case, we are in Montreal, Canada - the surgeon gets paid upfront and you make the montly payments to the credit company. We opted not to take that route but it was offered to us. Good luck and we will be reading your blog.