Friday, December 26, 2008

End of the 4th Week Home

This weekend will mark the end of the 4th week Cleo has been at my house. She is really starting to fit in well. I think she was feeling everyone out at first (as she should have). But now, Stewie is being an idiot around her (doing his silly boxer pounce) and that really ticks her off! When the boys are playing, if they get too close to her spot on the couch that kind of ticks her off too! And they both back down from her, even if she is 25 pounds less and about 3 inches shorter. They are so funny to watch. I can’t wait until she has her surgery and is better so she can really run and play with them without worrying for her. They do all run the fence together with the boxer behind us, and the lab and chihuahua next door; even if she does it three legged! I’ve noticed that she does NOT like any slick surface whatsoever. I think I might need to get a couple more rugs for the kitchen and maybe the bathroom. What’s one more thing?? HA

With the money I got for Christmas, I think I’m going to buy the ex-pen and possibly a child safety gate. I found an inexpensive bolt-on gate at, so I should be able to get both for under $100 with shipping! Then I’ll have to get my dad out here to help me take the door off and put the gate on.

Since it was rather nice yesterday, the dogs were in and out of the house a lot more (they and the cats really had cabin fever). I noticed last night that Cleo was really packing her leg a lot and this morning, she really isn’t putting a lot of pressure on it. I sure hope the surgery is towards the beginning of the month, but the 19th would sure make it easier on me. Although, if the surgery is sooner, I might be able to bribe my mom to come sit with the dogs for the evening of the board meeting. It’s a good thing she loves me!!

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