Monday, December 15, 2008

Good News! (I think...)

Cleo had her appointment today with Dr. Scherr. He was very optimistic and told me all my options.

I asked what the difference was between Traditional, TTA, TPLO and Tightrope - he explained each one to me. (If you want to know what I remember, let me know!) Dr. Scherr said that he does about 90% TPLO's (I think that was the number anyway) and averages about 1 1/2 TPLO's every day which equals about 400 a year.

I asked if the supplements I was giving was sufficient, and he said it was. Dr. Scherr also does acupuncture, so I asked if it would be beneficial now, or after surgery. He said he doesn't recommend it, because it doesn't really help with recovery - only physical therapy will help with that, and walking will be her best PT.

I forgot to ask about a stifle brace, and I even wrote it down! I asked about payments tho, and he said absolutely. Because the sooner she can have her surgery done, the better. So, the two vets will have to get together to figure out a day for the surgery and will let me know. He did say she would most likely come home the same day.

I asked about the need for a ramp, as I have stairs out both the front and back doors. I had to help Cheyenne when she had back surgery with a towel sling, so I know what to do there. He said that I would only need to do that for a little bit, that she should be able to do stairs on her own after a couple weeks. Of course she would be on a leash for any potty breaks.

I have Cheyenne's coat(s), so she has those. I'm going to look into anti-slip booties (maybe some like sled dogs use) for protection from the weather. I also need to look at getting the ex-pen ordered, or a kid gate for the spare room. I just need to decide which would be best for her and keep her safe from the boys!

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