Saturday, December 20, 2008

No New News

Nothing new to report. Cleo's surgery hasn't been scheduled yet. With the holidays, I would expect it to be the first part to middle of January. Since it's been winter here the last week (and it's not even winter yet) it should be a very interesting time of the year to have surgery done. At least that will give me more time to save more money for the surgery. The less I have to make payments on, the better!

Today I started preparing Cleo for 'dressing up' to go outside. She was not impressed! And she would not be impressed with me posting pictures of that embarrassing moment for everyone to see. Ah well, the joys of having four-legged kids.

Here she is with just 'shoes'. Luckily, I had some for Cheyenne. Cleo is a bit bigger than Cheyenne was, but they seem to fit. And she didn't walk tooo funny except at the very beginning.
And these were Dakota's 'jammies'. Why I've kept them, I don't know, but I think with the legs, these will actually work pretty well for after surgery!

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