Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Ex-Pen

Cleo is wondering just what I am doing to her. She is NOT impressed with me. I'm thinking a gaming chair, or something similar, would be nice to have when she is in 'recovery', so my back and bottom don't ache. Will need to research those as well. Maybe give it to the nieces and nephew once Cleo is all better.

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dewdana said...

Hey Cleo's mom- I found you through Parker's blog. My moose is recovering from TPLO like parker and you soon! I happened to have something similar to a gaming chair in the back of my closet and tried it out while moose was in the 'recovery ward'. Mine was a little bigger than some that are out there now so it made things awful tight in there. Moose who is not a hyper or excessively clumsy dog was always so excited when I came in that he would try to step over me and the chair and it made me nervous so I stuck with a pillow and laid down close to the side. Cleo looks a bit smaller and maybe with a smaller chair it will work out for you, but just thought I would share! Good luck with your surgery, it is a very stressful time but you look perfectly prepared and that will be a big help!