Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 5 – and Oops Moments…

Well, days three and four went pretty well. Cleo started walking a bit more on the surgery leg Friday (day four) when going out to pee/poop (or when she made me think she needed too)! The vet’s office called to see how she was doing and they said it was probably a good thing that she is still packing the leg somewhat. And she’s right, it’s not like we are in some kind of race here.

So, today, day five after surgery, Saturday… Cleo was walking really well, as we are walking quite slow. My dad was coming out and we were going to haul garbage. So I decided to scoop a little poop, since it hasn’t been done in some time and it’s getting hard to miss the land mines when we are out there. I figured Cleo would be fine for 15-20 minutes (not enough time to scoop it all, but to make a dent). NOPE! I heard the dog door – hoping it was one of the cats. There stood little Miss Cleo – all proud of herself. She busted out of her ex-pen – it looks like she (hopefully) pushed underneath and escaped that way! UGH! So, I got her harness and leash – she helped me scoop for about 10 minutes until Dad showed up.

I decided to lock her in the ‘Recovery Room’ so I could help load the garbage. I put the guard…thing that I had in my van (to contain dogs to the back) on the floor and my old kid gate on top of that. Granted the one is only about 18” tall. But, she got out AGAIN!! But this time – I KNOW she jumped over the one part and she had to get the kid gate from on top of the guard.

So, since I was going to haul garbage with Dad – she got to ride along, since I can’t trust her in the house. So what does she do – JUMPS into the Blazer!!! And not just on the floor board - no into the back seat. I was just getting ready to help her in and she didn’t want to wait for me I guess! I honestly don’t know if she used her bad leg or not, but I would assume so.

So three (3) oops in ONE day!!! If this would have been a traditional, she (and I) would have ruined her surgery. Hopefully she didn’t do any damage today… So much for the Benadryl helping to knock her out! This also shows me that she can’t be left alone – at all – until she is free and clear. I sure hope that she has the free and clear when she gets her staples out!!!
The first pic is her surgery area day three (I think it looks really good). Second pic is her enjoying her Kong that I filled for her before I went out to scoop the poop - that helped didn't it?

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