Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2

Last night was interesting. Just like camping, only different! As in, comforts of home and a lot more room to spread out, but same sore back... thank goodness, I think there's only a little over two weeks of that.

Cleo peed and pooped right away, and is eating good. I think she's scared I'm going to starve her again! This morning, Cleo was a bit restless. Because she was, I gave her another Benadryl, finally at 9:00 she was able to sleep pretty good. Granddad stopped by, so she had her first visitor. I've rearranged my sitting arrangement, when she really wants me next to her. I open up the ex-pen and sit in front of the opening. Doesn't help my butt any, but it sure gives me elbow room! And the boys are happier when they can 'touch' me. I thought for sure Mack was going to come into the pen (over the top from the recliner) last night. So, elbow room is good...

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Nika said...

That sure looks comfy! Glad that Cleo is doing good. Keep it up : )