Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cleo has a date...

A date for surgery that is! January 26th. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I've decided to do the traditional surgery and I don't think that Dr. Smith is real excited about it. I realize that if she (or I) mess up, it will probably be surgery again, but I am going into this that it will work the first time. We just have to take the first six weeks very easy.

I’ll be home the first two weeks with her. I’ve got to get her x-pen ordered. I guess there is a place here in town that might have them for a little more than online, so I want to check that out before I order. The one online is 36” tall with 8-24” sections.,2006,3014&pid=12000M I also need to convince my dad to take their kid gate off, and put it on my craft room here.

I’d really like to get a Web Master Ruff Wear Harness, but WOW they are $50!! I read about them on OrthoDogs where the dogs are called “Suitcase Dogs”. If you want to see them - My mom thinks I can make one, I would have NO idea where to even start. I don’t want to try something and have it fail – that would make me nervous! I’ll watch eBay and maybe get lucky!

And here's a picture for you to enjoy. You may be wondering where I get to sleep - somewhere in the middle... HA

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Nika said...

Yay Cleo!!! It's all good, try not to worry too much - just get prepared, which looks like you're well on your way!! Good luck!!!!