Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Recovery Room

I've finally finished rearranging (NOT cleaning - that would take FAR too long HA) Cleo's recovery room. Now I'm wondering if I will be too large of an area for her. I was planning on using it only when I'm not home and at night. The size is about 8 feet by 7 1/2 feet and has stuff stacked all around so she can't get on anything (I hope). I will probably re-evaluate where she stays once she gets back home and acts during the next two weeks.

Here are some pictures. Don't mind all the stuff - items for garage sale(s), books to read, crafts to do, etc. I call this my 'crap room'. HA And of course, the boys have to help with everything.


dewdana said...

IMO it depends on her behavior as to whether that is too much space. If you are out and someone knocks on the door will she run around? It looks like there are no windows so for my Moose that helps since he will try to stand up to see out the window. Awesome that it is carpeted though. Moose is nearing the end of the first phase of recovery (we are in our 9th week) and I found he was more relaxed having more space too. When he was in his pen and I would leave he would circle and try to push the pen around and that looked more risky to me than leaving him in a slightly larger space where he was mostly calm. I think you will know the right thing after observing her over time though. Good Luck! Moose and I have paws crossed for you both!

Nika said...

Parker has tagged Cleo to play -