Saturday, January 17, 2009

Harness is on it's way

I ordered a Ruffwear WebMaster Harness for Cleo. I found one at for $37.99 plus $6.99 shipping. I just hope I ordered the right size!! She was 29" around the biggest part of her rib cage, and the Small goes to 30" - and the Ruffwear website said to choose the smaller size if in-between for a better fit. I should get it about 4 days before her surgery. I would like to put it on her a couple times before the 26th.

I hope our weather holds throughout her surgery. At least no ice or below zero temps. HA - what am I thinking? I live in Montana! And this is my luck I'm talking about - so I just sealed the fate for ice and frigid temps. I am going to move some wood around today or tomorrow when it's 50 degrees so we can have a fire the two weeks I'm home. I have the x-pen set up right next to the woodstove, so she can be nice and toasty with her naked leg.

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