Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's what I'm talkin' about

She probably thought 'finally, she makes it comfortable!' HA - she had to fight a cat, and Stewie, to get to her nice new spot! Actually, I had to move the cat. Two of the three cats LOVE her bed.
You can see in the upper corner of the ex-pen my new 'chair'. Walmart didn't have any gaming chairs under $80! and I wasn't driving all over town. They had a stadium seat for about $17.00. All I want is a back to lean up against and it has arms, so I'm all set (after I get a cushion or pillow to sit on)!
Today was BEAUTIFUL weather 50*, just a breeze. Of course the dogs got all muddy from the melting, but they are tired this afternoon. I've decided I might sleep with Cleo in the spare room for at least the first two weeks, so I took advantage of the nice weather and brought in the cushions/'mattress' from the RV. I have a waterbed, so there's no moving my mattress to the floor!

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dewdana said...

Ha! I should have read ahead before my long diatribe about the chair. Looks like a great solution! It will be easier to get in and out o the pen than a gaming chair too. Wish I had thought of that!