Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 1 After Surgery

Day 1 - Cleo got to come home today at 12:30pm. She was happy to see me and get it the car to get the heck out of the vets! I think they were impressed with her new harness. Also - NO CONE! wahoo!

Dr. Smith showed me her X-rays, where she has hip dysplasia on her right side and spurs on her left patella area (knee cap). That is where he removed the spurs that he think was causing her pain. I asked him all sorts of questions and took him a print out of the Vaxamine K-9 information. I wanted to show it to him in case we want to put Cleo on it later (and maybe try to get Nikita off the prednisone). She'll have her 21 staples out on Tues, Feb 10. I think we are going to start her Adequan shots that day as well.
Cleo is on the same type of restrictions, of course, as she would have been if she actually had the traditional surgery - at least for the next two weeks. I'm to ice her surgery site, if she'll let me, for the next two days (twice per day). She'll start her supplements tonight with supper. Stopped at Walmart and spent $60 on Gluc/Chon/MSM, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine, and Hyaluronic Acid. I'm going shopping online now to get it cheaper!! Just needed to get me by for awhile.

She was quite clingy when I first got home. And my pillow on the floor is NOT comfortable at all!! HA I gave her a Benadryl at 2:00 and she's been pretty calm and sleeping since then. Plus I covered her up. The wind is blowing 40 MPH and it blows right through my windows.

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dewdana said...

Glad she is home safe! Poor girl with the shaved leg in that weather!
Not sure if you are on the Orthodog list but a few discussions of using equine glucosamine have been posted there b/c it is a lot cheaper and the same quality. I have been threatening to switch to it but keep realizing I am out too late to order and need to get some to get me by! Hmmm... maybe I will go order now! THanks for reminding me...
Stay warm and heal fast!