Friday, February 20, 2009

Still here...just too much to report

I'm still here, just not a whole lot to report. Cleo had an Adequan shot on Saturday, and again on Tuesday. I haven't been walking her like I should though, as we should be up to 30 minutes a day. I tried walking her on the street Tuesday night, and since we don't have sidewalks and people here drive like it's a raceway, we are sticking to the backyard until it's nice in the mornings.

One other reason I didn't walk Cleo alot was because Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Nikita wasn't doing so good. Couldn't get herself up (back end) and her front seemed painful. I took her to the vet on Tuesday as well. My mom went with me...#1 because I had her and Dad come out on Monday night to let the dogs out since I had a board meeting, #2 because I couldn't get her in the car by myself, and #3 because we were both pretty sure it was 'time' for Nikita. We were at the vets for at least an hour. We all three decided it would probably be best for Nikita to go to the Rainbow Bridge that day. She had a good, long life. I'd had her for almost exactly 15 years - I got her when she was 6 weeks old. After she stopped jumping the fence and running away, she was a pretty good girl. Nikita lost most of her hearing some years back, and a couple of my dogs scared her and she left them with scars on the tops of their heads. Cheyenne needed stitches, Edgar just needed antibiotics. Her last 'hoorah' was helping Cleo (but I'm pretty sure initiating) eating my brother's velvet elk antlers that I accidently left out of my freezer....oops. Doesn't show real clear, but yes, that's the blood from the ONE antler they chewed off the skull cap. So, he's left with one velvetless antler and one that is one inch long. Sorry bro....

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