Saturday, February 28, 2009

It was a test...only a test

Thursday was Cleo's last loading Adequan shot. We will go back in about a month to get another, then re-evaluate. Dr. Smith gave her the 'all clear'. Cleo is doing SO well, we are both really pleased with her progress. When she stands, she puts some pressure on her leg. She does three-leg it when running, but full out 'galloping' she does use all four legs! So fun to watch.

The picture on the right is hard to see, but Cougar is laying across Cleo's front legs. The sun was just so bright, and her white feet, just didn't come through very well. She was just sleeping away...
When helping my parents move, I've been taking Cleo with me, and leaving the boys loose in the house - with access to the porch and outside kennel, but not the yard. My lovely Mack is a fence jumper... UGH. Anyway, I decided that both Thursday and Friday were tests...leaving the boys out with Cleo. If these tests worked, I wouldn't have to come home at lunch everyday, since it takes 30 minutes round trip, and is so not fun when it's icy out. Anyway, Thursday afternoon went well. Friday, I didn't make it home for lunch, but am off at 3:00 so was home by 3:30 - so no problem, or so I thought. Stewie met me at the porch door acting quite...submissive is possibly the word I'm looking for. Mack was happy to see me. And it took a minute for Cleo to come around the corner once I got in the house. Poor little Cleo was roughed/beat up. Dried blood in her fur, limping (front and back leg), and looked so pitiful. I gave her a bath to assess the damage (I couldn't find any open wounds or anything). She did have some puncture wounds on her front left leg, and she was squinting her right eye. I did find a couple puncture wounds under her chin later in the evening. I gave her a Tramadol at 4:00, then again at 8:00 (and again this morning). She felt MUCH better this morning, but really avoided Stewie. I believe that Mack (who had what looked like blood on his neck) tried to protect her as she has NO problems with him being by her. So, actually everyone got a bath to get rid of the bloody slobbery stuff on everyone's necks.

So, it looks like I will be taking lunches from now until - who knows when. I don't want to 'test' it with Cleo again. I just don't know. I feel like the world's worst mother... My mom thinks Stewie has ADD or ADHD. I think possibly some form of OCD (he picks, picks, picks - even when my brother was hitting him with his ball cap, if you push him away, etc).

Well, this blog is for Cleo, not Stewie. She got to spend today at my folks old house with their two dogs and was a very good girl - as usual.

Here is another picture that makes me laugh...

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