Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Staples are out!

Well the staples are out and I'm back at work. Bummer... But, we are back to sleeping on the actual BED, Cleo gets to sleep on the couch and Stewie gets to sleep in her ex-pen!!
Cleo got her first Adequan shot Tuesday. She'll have to have two per week for three weeks. Dr. Smith wants to re-evaluate at the end of the third week. She'll probably have a shot per month from now on, I would assume. Cleo and I will start walking 15 minutes per day for one week, then 15 minutes twice per day the following two weeks.

So, the day that she had her staples out...Cleo got more freedom and I went back to work that afternoon. I put the cover on the dog door and locked the boys up. Came home at 5:30 and there was little Miss Cleo racing the fence with the neighbor dogs!!!! And she was Oh So Happy to See Me! (that means she was bouncing, running, twirling...) Guess she didn't need to have her exercise the FIRST day. She was limping a bit, but was better this morning and tonight. The dog door cover thankfully stayed on all day today.

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