Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Time, No Post

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted – over 2 ½ months! Quite a bit has happened the past few months.

In April, I thought I would slowly start introducing the dogs to each other loose in the house again – but only in the mornings. The third day (Monday the 13th), Cleo got chewed up again. By Stewie, I’m pretty sure. Took her straight to the vet, she got some more antibiotics. At the end of her antibiotics, she got hives for four days. I thought it was the clover (?) that I put down, because that was the only thing that was new (that and ICE). HA Poor girl – bumps all along her back and legs. Just when I think they are gone, they were back the next day. Of course, as soon as I call the vet, they didn’t come back. Since I had left over prednisone from Nikita, my vet said to give her one, then ½ a pill until the hives were gone (probably a couple days).

On May 4, I came home at lunch to see my gate to the back yard open. I was so worried Cleo had opened the gate (I usually keep an unlockable padlock in there so dogs can’t open it – but I’d left it hanging in the fence). Anyway, I was so worried – heart dropped to my stomach. When I got up on my porch, Cougar, my cool, awesome kitty, lay there killed by the dog(s) that got into the yard. So, I went looking for Cleo. She was in on my bed, with a huge gash in her neck, along with puncture wounds on her back legs. I tried cleaning her up a bit, but decided she needed to go right then to the vet (and Cougar to the crematory…) Cleo had to have five stitches and a drain tube put in.

I talked to my neighbor behind me, and she said there were two big dogs. The Sheriff’s animal control said they had another complaint that day of loose dogs, with one being dog aggressive. I thank God that Cleo wasn’t killed too. Of course, I keep thinking if Stewie weren’t such an ass, that it wouldn’t have happened that way. Because it would have been three against two, and they wouldn’t have been in the yard anyway, since Mack still jumps the fence.

Cleo broke out in hives one week after she started her antibiotics. Looks like her body doesn’t like Cephalexin anymore. I gave her one prednisone, so this time it was only one day of hives, not four.

I’ve got to do training with Stewie, I just don’t know what. And Cleo doesn’t help a whole lot. She is definitely the crabby older sister and Stewie is the antagonist!!

Well, I think that’s enough for today. And that’s enough of excitement for a long time for Miss Cleo!! She’s probably wondering why she ever came to live with me. Hopefully her days will be better from now on.

Here’s a little video of just how Stewie teases her and how she reacts (and a little shot of my big mouth Mack).

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